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Best Pet Custom Drawing for Dogs and Cats , super cute pet portrait for dogs and cats.

Best Pet Custom Drawing for Dogs and Cats , super cute pet portrait for dogs and cats.

We can draw a high quality pictures for you. We offer high professional custom drawing for your dog and cat and bird, portrait drawing for pets, custom pet drawings. Our price is affordable for everyone.

A personalized drawing is a unique gift that you can give to your beloved one. No matter what your order - the dog, cat, bird or other pet. I will draw an original cute artwork of the animal in his favorite outfit or pose. In any style: oil painting, watercolor or pastel drawing, I will put all my love and talent into it.

The artists are very experienced in drawing, the picture will show a perfect imitation of the pet

custom drawing is a great way to get your pet drawn into a scene. Due to the fact that every pet is unique, their drawings have some variations from each other. So, if you wish to ensure getting a drawing exactly like your pet, take some pictures of it and send them along with the illustration order. Each drawing is made by hand with the use of special inks, which allow the transfer of even the smallest details. You can also pay extra for framing or for mounting the finished illustration on canvas or in a beautiful wooden frame.

You can choose from a large gallery of pictures and find the one that you need. You can send your pet's photo, you will give more details about it, the style that you want, maybe the colors that are your favorite and then wait for communication to get started.

Our drawing services are very affordable and our prices are always the same for every pet. There are no hidden fees, or extra charges for using a credit card or any other process. We charge $50 upfront - no refunds if you change your mind, but we get started with a pencil sketch as soon as your order is placed, while we wait for payment. If you missed something that you wanted to include in the drawing, contact us immediately and will will adjust it for free. And since all of our drawings take a couple of days to complete, there is no rush.

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